Alton 25 Pendant (2)

Contemporary Pendants

The word “contemporary” means “of the moment”. Dating back to the 1970s, this style is unique because it borrows elements from many other aesthetics. In it, you can see references to modern, traditional, art deco and even futuristic design.

The other defining point of contemporary design is that it’s constantly evolving. Unlike other styles which are more or less set in stone, what’s “of the moment” today may change in a few years’ time. Today, the look is defined by curved lines, neutral colors and minimalism, but it may look slightly different in the future

Glass pendants

Glass pendant lights are one of the most versatile types of pendants available. You can find a glass pendant light to suit any space and interior design style, since they come in such a large range of styles.

Glass pendants really make the most of light. They tend to help fill a space with ambient light, and help to bounce natural light around to make a space appear larger or brighter. Simple yet so luxurious looking, glass lighting fixtures are timeless.

Milford 20 Pendant (1)
Josefine Pendant

Industrial Pendants

Rustic-yet-urban style reminiscent of old factories and roughly renovated inner-city spaces. The industrial look is not just a metropolitan or urban look. It is for both coasts and everything in between. Industrial chic is a comforting look with deep roots in nostalgia.

Rough and rusty metals soothe our modern tensions by reconnecting us to the past while vintage looks remind us of simpler times.

Classic pendants

Classical lighting encompasses traditional and timeless fittings that have great versatility in being suitable for so many styles of decor. Pieces that feature timeless classic lighting designs with real warmth and character.



A chandelier also known as girandole or candelabra is a branched ornamental light fixture designed to be mounted on ceilings or walls. Chandelier lighting is a beautiful, classic addition, adding a touch of style and class. Chandeliers are used mostly as a statement piece, creating a sense of glamour that ordinary pendant lighting is unable to. Create a dramatic visual impact and set the tone

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